Coding continues…

7 03 2009

So continuing from the last logs position, my main work composed of jut running an already created test suite and manually checking various parameters and locations [myriad ones for the various products and pipelines] for the aggregated logs and aggregations based on business logic. The work was mostly labour intensive. And somehow I forgot in all that meddle that there is something known as coding too. Then came the mentoring part, where 2 more people were added under me and I had to inform and train them on the Logs and Stats products. There I entered into my passive mode more, as those two started taking up more work. I started entering into a state of procrastination.

The realization dawned on me when I came into the next project for Prediction of advertising came up and I was stil in this state and something important got missed by me. It seems I was not getting motivated enough and the innovative streak in me died with that.


Indian Education!!

13 03 2007

Seems like there is a lot going on on the Education System in India. I had written a short blog on this a long time back and thought would explore it more now that it has become a hot topic. So, would love to add my thoughts on it too. 🙂
The education system here has evolved mostly around a few basic fields of interests – engineering and medical being the main in these. I would attribute the growing trend of these to the lure of a steady life and the money these offer. Parents are more enamored by the life they see of the few who have made it good and the stories they hear of the wealth made in these professions. Although, these days the trend is changing in the larger metros, we still find the young crowd being more attracted towards these professions. In regard to these professions only have risen the IIT’s and IIM’s of India. These are good institutes, but the basis of their teaching here is to make better people out of people who already are!! I ask what is the principle behind these institutes which make the person toil over exams and more practicals and then expect them to churn out the same which has been taught by ‘rote/mugging’ onto the jobs they take up. Yeah! sure these people are chosen few from the various exams which are initially conducted to chalk out the cream muggers from the average muggers. As aptly pointed out by a colleague, these guys destroy their creativity in trying to learn the various heavy books through which are educators are wanting to make us learn on topics which may have little or absolutely no value in the job life. Engineering colleges teach on what not subjects like Compilers and Operating Systems, and the person lands a job creating application software in Java, not a systems job of creating those OS or compiler products. Where are we taking the nation? People have pointed out that these are the premier institutes, but they are more in name than how things are taught. Nowadays the person who graduates from these is looking for more value to himself than to add value to the Organization. Attrition rates have risen and along with that so have the salaries of people engaged in those activities. I don’t say that is bad from my prospective, but it is not a good thing also.
To cope up with these the creative try and emulate them; and they end up getting more frustrated and sending their siblings and offspring’s on the same path where they saw the lesser frustration and more money. I have a friend in IIT doing her master’s, all I hear the lament from her is she has an ‘xam or a practical which is coming up and she is awake for the last 2-3 days working on it??!! Isn’t that stifling the actual creative mind? The teachers these days don’t have time to read the so called ‘xams which the students are put through. So, they adopt a cardinal rule of the thumb. How long is the answer? Does it have any illustration and does it adhere to the kunji or answers that they had given the students in the class!!
If the student tries to be creative in the answers, he/she is punished by a lower grade or a negative marking.
On the topic of IIT’s and IIM’s, whom do they think they are churning out!! Ok, there are a few exceptions who after coming out apply their brains and come up with ideas, but is that enough? Are they really creative or just logically coming to conclusions from their brains which have become mechanical after all that ‘rote/mugging’ sessions? I think the later is more to the point. IIM graduates boast of big salary packages, but are they actually making a difference also? There is a comment on Joel’s site [of Joel on Software fame] about MBA making the Organization bloated and fail!! I agree with him somewhat in that. We really do need to access the kind of education we are imparting and not gloat over the fact that Indian kids are doing better in maths and sciences than the American kids.

Trip to Hyderabad

26 01 2007

It just happened that Gautam and me decided to go on a car trip to the famed city of Hyderabad. Actually, it was more driven by Anshul, who wanted to go on a long drive and have the ‘fun’ of a car drive. Well! everything started off fine, we got up EARLY in the morning and got ready to leave for the city. It was going to be Gautam and I driving, with the back seat converted to a sleeping den. And so, promptly after getting off from home, I dropped off to sleep… 😀
The drive would have been almost uneventful, except that when I took over the wheel, things began to get wobbly. I realised that after we had driven a couple of kilometers, the car was dragging towards the right… [hmm!! now that was odd!! :P]. So stopped, at the nearest ‘dhaba‘ that I could locate on the road side, and looked up the tires, and lo and behold!!, the front tire was bust. So we got down to changing the tire and finally managed it with a few superficial burns [the tire! the tire! it was hot stupid]. Just then when we finished and looked up what do we see but a ‘puncture‘ repair shop right next to the ‘dhaba‘. Okie! don’t want another of your wise cracks, we then went over to it and asked him to repair the wheel. With that done we continued the “almost” uneventful journey. Oh! yeah forgot to mention, that would have been the first day in both Anshul and Gautam’s working life that they had woken up @ 5 in the morning and kept awake well upto almost 1 in the night [except for both catching a few winks now and then during the journey and @ Gautam’s home]… 😀
Finally reached Hyderabad [actually Secunderabad, where Gautam’s Dad has his official Railway’s Mansion] and promptly plonked off to sleep. Woke up with the usual, Anshul yelling at us that we are lazy good for nothings and that her friend was coming to pick her up and she was going and… and… . So managed to pick our lazy bums and get around to looking decent. But, still Gautam managed to look like the GranDad to Anshul’s friends, who mistook him for his Father… 😛
Went out to the [dirty, stinking] lake and also had some Ice Cream before that with Gautam, his Mother and Sister. Finally, had to keep awake till around midnight when Anshul finally came back preening like a hen and showing off her friend who had come back from the US to join MS India operations. The next day dawned and we went off to see the Nizam’s jewels and the Fort. Jewels were Ok, there were a few rare pieces around [still am unable to comprehend why people crowd around these stones and are all Ohhh!! Ahhh!! when they see them]; they look nothing special to me!! So, we proceeded to the fort and went right till the top. There was a dance sequence being shot for some movie down there and we could make out some boy/girl [don’t ask who] trying to get the dancers to get their steps right. Gautam and Anshul were as expected – exhausted [;)], when we reached the top and so let them catch their breath [oh! yeah the scenario below was also breath taking] while i had the chips and thums up from the utility shop there… 🙂

Came back the next day with Gautam driving most of the way and I driving at the worst patches where he could not manage… 😛

Bangalore Weekend Trip

18 08 2006
So it happened that I went on another fun trip to Bangalore…
It was just this long weekend, with a holiday on a Tuesday and Monday could also be adjusted with the various compensatory holidays. Just made the decision on the spur and a little bit of cajolling from Rishi and I was off with tickets booked and ready. The flight on Kingfisher airlines was as eventful as can be, after being served all the goodies and then getting on to the nice roomy cool seat to sleep. [Actually, I ended up reading a book – How would you move Mt. Fuji?]. This is one about how MS conducts interviews [the bad view] + how you can improve your traits and qualities to gain more in life and also confidently face any interview panel [the good view]. I have as yet to finish off with this…

On reaching Bangalore, was picked up by Gautam and Rishi [have to really do something about this, as I had ditched him last time he was in Delhi]. Went over to my old pad and had a good talk on things and what was going on, along with checking up the movie ‘EuroTrip’ on the home theatre. Went to sleep late and then had to get up early [5 AM] for the trip as it was scheduled to start around 6 AM. Reached the Office around 6, but as usual Nihit rang to inform that he had just woken up and would be there only by 7… 😦

The trip was arranged for a place called Kemmannagundi, then on to Jog Falls and Gokarna Beaches and back. This was supposed to be a 4 day trip [to be completed in 3 nights and 3.5 days :-)]. We started off fine and even reached Chikmagalur via Belur [saw the temple there again, just a short visit for Anjali and Nihit to admire it] around 12, a distance of around 230 KMs. After this we got lost in the scenic beauy of the places around. It was just too good a road to not stop and check out the scenic scenery being offered by the Baba Budannagiri Range of hills. We almost had a stop every 5-10 minutes or so, with each one of us popping out of the windows ready to take photos [i missed bringing my camera for the same… :-(]. Finally, we reached a point somewhat around 4 KMs from Kemmannagundi, where we reliased that we were trapped from the front by a simple land slide which had occured recently. [it had been raining intermittently for the whole trip making things look all the more brighter [although not for Nihit, who was driving and making all sorts of excuses for the potholed bumpy ride that he was conditioning us to :-D]. So finally it happened that we had to turn back with an extremely low fuel condition and go back to Chikmangalur [on the way picking up some fuel from a wayside shop]. Ate dinner at a place and made the mistake of not booking a room for the night, so landed up searching and finally found a somewhat decent place called Giri Lodge [room rent was 150 a night].

Woke up again next morning for a trip back to Kemmannagundi, taking the main state highway this time [which also turned out to be a scenic place, via Lingadahalli]. Kemmannagundi turned out to be a mystic place up in the hills with a good resort run by the Horticulture department, but it was full, one needs to book in advance, specially when going for holidays [contact: 08261-237126]. Nihit had decided on staying on, but the accomadation was not availble hence had to move onto Jog Falls, via Tarikere [route 206]. Jog Falls was a different kind of experience, it cannot be called all that awe-inspiring, but the place where the water actually becomes the falls can be seen enroute. This place was good. It did justice to the falls, with the gushing water and one can see that it is actually going ahead with strong currents, like they show on TV when a boat is about to go into the fall [reminded of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom fall]. The falls were deep and one were not able to check out the place where they actually meet the riverbed below, as the section was cordoned off.

Onto Gokarna we went then, following the route 206. On the way we stopped at a typical sleepy townside of Honnavar. This place is the ideal setting for when you wish to retire. Having all the amenities + the peacefulness of a small town. The stay was good and pleasant, also here bagan the process of bringing Nihit to terms with himself 🙂

We had a long debate on this, which finally cumulated to the time we came back to Banaglore and Nihit agreeing to undergo a change if enough people told him so… 😀

All in all a good trip and enjoyed it throughly. The trip back was on IndiGo Airlines, this was an uneventful one and on reaching got picked up by Digjinder and Honey. Finally reached home at 0100 Hrs. Ready for the next day in Office… 🙂

Bangalore – Fun Days!

19 05 2006

Nowadays seem to be very lonely and without any excitement. It seems there needs to be something to invigorate you in life which seems to be missing right now. I have started off with the Dune series and seem to be working my way out of boredom, but it simply seems listless without that excitement which I used to feel in Bangalore about the same.

There (in Bangalore) it was that I had a lot of people with whom I could relate to and who shared my interests and hobbies. I could find individuals who had similar ideas about life and interests. But here, it just seems to be work and then a movie or a walk within the sectors. I am getting bored of this monotonous life of everyday work, no play and then get back to work again… 😦

Shall have to check up on alternatives now…

Belur Temples

10 05 2006

This weekend I made a quick surprise visit to Bangalore to check up on some of my colleagues and friends there. It was an exciting weekend and I went around quite a bit, although was unable to meet up with most of the guys and gals there…
Went to a place called Belur, it is famous for its temple and intricate carvings of figurines. The temple is devoted to Shiva and depicts Shiva in the form of a lady, who came to kill a Danaav. It truly was a really interesting place and without the guide to go around with is not worth it, the guide informs you on what all is there and makes you see the intricacies which are in-built into each and every statuette which is present there. Also, he does give you a brief history of the place as to the fact that it took 3 generations and 103 years to complete the main section and that it is composed of soft stone carvings, which you can see from the light showered on the same as to the intricacy and fine work that has gone into making the same.

Also, the figurine of Shiva is in the form of a woman. This has been built in the prefect shape, with a symmetry of the forehead, nose and jaw and the complete face length equal to the width of the waist. Also, this is for all guys, if your wife or GF has a longer second finger, then she will be dominating, so if choosing a GF or a wife, first check out her second finger of the foot… 😀

Bangalore – What it Holds!!

22 10 2005

I had always been fascinated by the lure of Bangalore – A Software Company in every street and every third house housing another small startup, also along with these varied software and IT companies an Engineering/Arts College to match the growing needs of these upcoming companies; at places where even you would not think of.
That was the lure that bought me to Bangalore, when I was offered a job here. That illusion broke down when I arrived in Bangalore. Going everyday to Office from a place called HSR(Hosur-Sarjapur) layout on either the bike or by Bus; the first thing I realized was that it was not going to be anywhere near a easy task. What with having to face the daunting local and corporation buses and to top it all the unruly auto rickshaw drivers; who drove a hard bargain to get you to the destination of your choice at the most exorbitant rates that they could come up with. During one of these sorties after missing my bus that I found that if you ignore them when they say these exorbitant prices they automatically come down to the real rates at which it is reasonable to take an autorikshaw… 😦

The Bangalore that i arrived at was full of people trying to find a place – to park, to drive, to walk, to stop, to enjoy and to generally get on with work and life; the image I had in mind was completely different…
Fortunately for me I had a few like-minded friends with me and they made my first few days enjoyable, before I finally got down to the nitty-gritty gritty of what I had arrived at Bangalore for – Work!!!

Already too much has been said of the excellent traffic and the traffic conditions of our Dear Ole Bengalaru… So I thought I should also add my two bits… 🙂

I have been in Bangalore for almost 18 months now and have seen the situation go down to the worst… by nature I am a foot traveler and enjoy the walk through the city where you can get to observe many things which you otherwise miss on. This was my way when I arrived to this city and started with going to my Office on foot. I used to enjoy these walks when I arrived in Bangalore. Those were the days when we used to go from the hostel in which I was staying to the Office building which was in Kormangala industrial area, the walk was a good 1 1/2 to 2 Kms and both used to enjoy the same, with the relatively cleaner air in the morning, when we used to either catch the bus going towards Raheja Arcade or walk it down if we were early enough (early used to be 0845 and late used to be 0900… 🙂 ). Then while coming back from Office we used to enjoy some time in Forum, which had just about opened up and then walk back, almost always. Then came the days that just after 39 days of coming to Bangalore, I changed the company I was working for and joined another which was just starting operations in India (the first center for development outside of the US). Here too I meet like-minded people who enjoyed the walk (not to the office, as that was in Whitefield area; on the ITPL road). When we got down at the Raheja Arcade, and walked it down a bit to either the Aiwa’s or Forum building; 200 yards or so… :-). Here after having a snack or two we used to head back to our homes, me waiting for my friend working a few yards from Forum to join me so that we would then walk it down to the hostel.

Well! now back to the traffic area. The second reason for coming back walking from the location of my first company, was that the inner roads were cleaner and we could easily walk across without hearing the honking of horns and the smoke and smog of the vehicular traffic which used to be coming our way. This usually was the norm, until 2 months down the lane the roads were segregated and some even became 1 ways. The traffic volume increased and so did the problems related to it. We changed routes and went through the more quieter regions of Kormangala, which has some real good architectural beauties which seem to be left empty by their creators. I really enjoyed those days as compared to nowadays when all you hear is the honking and people getting irritated at the people who share the roads with them…

I have a lot more on this and there will be a second edition for this soon… 🙂