Regression Testing

28 05 2010

Regression with an automated test suite is a frequently used/abused phrase. People need to first understand what “regression” actually means.

Regression testing in a nutshell relates to the activity, by which we check a new application/product, for all the previous functionality; while keeping the newly added features unused. Basically, we validate that the new code has no effect on the older functionality. Regression is not used/should not be used to check for a functionality which has changed. As a change in functionality means that it is a new feature and needs to be verified first before it is validated.


Cardinal Rule for Automation

28 05 2010

So let me first state what is the first rule we learn about Automation of the testing for any project/product: Do not automate anything before the application comes to a stable state. But seems like this basic rule of Automation is forgotten by people when they become managers. Or they have never done any automation and feel that anything and everything should and must be automated to make any impact.

Well! People need to understand that Automation is not just a buzzword which needs to be done to create an impact on your own ratings and seniors. It is a serious study and work, which needs to be carefully thought out and then worked on through the design, development and minimal of maintenance. Not something which just on the whim and fancy of saying that Automation is on the agenda and has been completed.

Update: I fully agree with what @meDilbert has to say. Automation has become a word in process trainings and the CV’s of people wanting to portray that they have worked on it. It brings accolades to the person who implements it and brickbats for those who even mention that it might be nonviable. 🙂

Personal Issues @ Work

28 02 2010

Should we begin work with thoughts other than work on our minds? Organizations which have matured have started dealing with the employees personal issues also. As they have understood that to have a great working force, they need to be fresh in mind when they enter Office. This makes them concentrate on work and leave their worries behind atleast for the time span that they are in the Office premises.

Most of the time it is the managers job to act as the personal shoulder weep in these situations, but things are changing. We gradually are seeing more professional help coming in with the introduction of counselors, whose job is to make the employees feel at ease. My point here being, why should the managers always be the ones to take care of the personal weeps of an employee. Managers themselves have enough to take care of in the professional front, with all the cost cutting and such activities, having to hold back employees is taking a toll on them. Over that, the extra burden of trying to resolve personal matters is another thing.

I have been going through a lot of this lately and have began to feel that the responsibility of personal matters should depend on the employee and professional help needs to be sort out. Taking recourse on the senior management is not an option and should not be used for matters where they are also helpless than to just give advice and hope the employee can get through with his work.

Work Culture

12 01 2010

I am still not sure as to why people want you to be political in the work life. They want you to cut corners, claim credit for what you have not done and generally make you into something which you were not meant to be. My aspirations have been always to grow technically in whatever I do. Since my childhood I was interested in breaking open all sorts of things just to figure out, how in hell did they work. I was fascinated by computer games and miniatures and loved playing with computers (although managed to keep my hands away from opening them) and making miniature things. This fascination led me to join Engineering and carry forward my interests. I skipped getting into the armed forces as I thought it would curb my passion for electronics, but I landed into something worse… the cut throat competitive and politics filled world of the Indian Corporate sector.

People want you to change and start claiming points for what others have done, they want you to cut down others, as to them that is the only way that you can hope to grow. Why I ask? Why should this be the way of the corporate world? Can’t we live life on our achievements alone?

Appraisal System

14 11 2009

Was talking with a colleague on the current appraisal system that is adopted across most of the Organizations. They usually go with an yearly system, in which the person to be appraised is told to write out his goals for the year and then he gets to finish whatever he has stated in the goals over a period of a year. Well! most of the time, when the final appraisal is done, it is for the work done in the past quarter… and the person who has been consistent throughout the year loses out.

Interviewing the Interview Process

12 10 2009

Do people realize that when they go for an interview on the impression they make on the person[s] sitting across the table, trying to evaluate them? I think not. Most of the people I know ignore the basic fact that they are the ones who are looking out for an opportunity and it is they who need to create an impression. They regard the basic interview process as one in which they just need to write something on their CV and expect the interviewer to understand that although, it is there, they have not really worked on the same.

This practice and activity is predominantly seen with the senior members rather than the juniors. The seniors, when they reach a certain stage in their work career [5 years in Service companies and 7-8 years in Product based ones], they tend to lean towards managing people, rather than managing themselves. Hence, the failure to clear even the simplest of technical questions, which if given to a fresher, he/she would have done the same in a jiffy.

Coding continues…

7 03 2009

So continuing from the last logs position, my main work composed of jut running an already created test suite and manually checking various parameters and locations [myriad ones for the various products and pipelines] for the aggregated logs and aggregations based on business logic. The work was mostly labour intensive. And somehow I forgot in all that meddle that there is something known as coding too. Then came the mentoring part, where 2 more people were added under me and I had to inform and train them on the Logs and Stats products. There I entered into my passive mode more, as those two started taking up more work. I started entering into a state of procrastination.

The realization dawned on me when I came into the next project for Prediction of advertising came up and I was stil in this state and something important got missed by me. It seems I was not getting motivated enough and the innovative streak in me died with that.