I cannot Code!!

22 02 2009

The realization struck me, when I tried my hand at some automation that I was planning on doing for my recent project. It was supposed to be a simple Perl framework and it didn’t take me much time to complete the initial design and architecture of what would unfold into a testing suite for some of the new functionality added…

Then came the coding portion of it.. and here is where I got stuck!! How do I do a file open, what to implement – use or require (why?), what is the syntax for a for and a foreach and which variable goes where!!!

It really was an eye opener for me 😦

Hello world!

28 06 2007

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

I had entered the world of WordPress around a year ago, but finally have now started making use of the same. As this is going to my first post here, I plan to make use of it to describe my other writings:




So, I have been composing on these on various topics. Now plan to condense them here so that it becomes a central point for me.