Bidding Adieu to Yahoo!

16 06 2010

It has been an awesome journey for me in Yahoo!. I have made some great friendships, which would last a lifetime and also managed to get to know some good people with whom I would like to be associated with now and in the future. This was a long journey (one of my longest tenure in a single organization), which was filled with a lot of learning and strives, some I faced with confidence and others where I did falter. A good journey altogether, which matured me and made me look at life from the eyes of others who mattered. During this journey, I met the person with whom I plan to spend the rest of my lifetime and have been managing to steer myself through mood swings and great loving times.

Yahoo! as a company, is one Great place to work for. You get all the freedom to do what you want, get to travel (and expense it to company accounts – when you go for Campus or Regular Interviews). You imbibe a lot of learning, most of which is available to you through the labyrinth, which in Yahoo! yodel, we call the TWiki (the Technical Wiki), although most of the material available freely on it is no where near ‘technical’ 🙂

The Yahoo! culture is one great learning force, which enhances the knowledge of many a fresh faces and minds. Many have tried to introduce some sort of process into this madness, in the form of ‘Yet Another Technical Place’, but the culture of adhoc’ism prevails and drives the energy and work force to yet newer and innovative levels. (I know I am going to get a reprimand from my oldest mentor, for such a long sentence, but couldn’t help it 🙂 )

Yahoo! is a brand name, which lives in the life’s of online people around the world, it is synonymous with the Internet, and might have lost its sheen in search, but is still a force to contend with when it comes content. It supplies the best on the web, without doubt. It was “Jerry and David’s Guide to the Web” and has remained “THE Guide to the Web”. Critics have said that Jerry should have taken the decision in favour of Microsoft, but they are not the people who have nurtured the Organization to the stage at which it is today. Yes, Jerry does have sentimental values for a company he created, but he took the right decision. Yahoo! is a BRAND, which stands out on the big bad Web, and Jerry knew he could turn it into a profitable venture. He has brought in the right person to bring about this change. She may be a bit outspoken, but she is making the right decisions to keep all happy.

Ok, enough of this rant. To conclude, I would say that Yahoo! has great internal talent pool and a culture to moot for. Now that is being cultivated to bring about the required changes to make Yahoo! happen.

My colleagues and friends made it a GREAT day for me and I was for once really feeling hollow and devoid of words on what to thank them with. It really does not feel that I am leaving, and saying good-bye to all that I have enjoyed and nourished. I do not wish to do so, specially after 3 1/2 years of being here. But, as they say – “All Good Things Have To Come To An End!!”, so does my really great innings at Yahoo!.

Thanks All for being there and all the help and love rendered over this long fruitful journey!

Adieu, Afscheid and Sustantivo…


Yahoo! As A Technology Company

28 10 2007

The perception of Y! as an Organization has for a long time been that of a Internet/Web-based Company. From a Business point of view on what Y! does, this seems like a perfectly correct view point and that is what it is famous for. Well! I agree to the same that it is a Internet/Web-based Company, but as an Organization, all that require a lot of technological thought and expertise to sustain and grow, along with an extreme sense of innovation within the Organization. It is the perception of the Web tag along with the unique name (made more so famous by the song & dance of ‘Shammi Kapoor’, in India’s film Industry of yore), which has given the Company, although an excellent work culture, a wrong perception/view in the people’s mind, of it not doing anything except to build and maintain Web Pages.
The above perception is something which needs to be taken care of whenever a new hire is made. Lots of people do not/can not visualize the technology which is going into making the Web and Y! a better place to be in, when the Internet is growing at this pace. From the outside they vie this as a place where people churn out Web pages and goof off as if still in their teens and College days. From the inside, it is more of an Academia. There are people who do churn away on Web pages, but those are pages made from a lot of technological thought and innovation. They have to be optimized for the maximum User Experience and minimal load times. Each page has a function to take care of, and a lot of thought process and sweat goes behind each. Along with the above, an optimized delivery platform is also there to be taken care of. Cable companies claim that their bandwidth is being used, but I think a better way to put it is, that it is being utilized (and not for free, as they wish the rest of the World to believe). An immense amount of innovation and technological thought process goes into each component of a Web page and this is where people don’t/can’t appreciate the value of the same. They see a great looking interface and will go and visit it, but not give a thought to the work and sweat which has given them the page.
All I say, Y! is more technologically oriented than any of the various other product Organizations I have gone through. Also, they have a truly great environment and work culture, which is to be appreciated and hopefully preserved for the future of the Organization. At the same time, trying to dispel the wrong notion developing in people’s mind that technologically, it might not be the best place to work ad grow from.